Gabrielle combines her Labour of Love childbirth educational techniques with hypnosis philosophy, resulting in implementation of positive birthing education that assists in achieving an empowered, relaxing and calm birth.

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Giving birth should be the most incredible experience a woman and her partner share together. Creating A Labour of Love is about preparing for labour mentally, physically and emotionally so that you feel really empowered about your imminent labour journey.

A Labour of Love is a result of my desire to share positive and informative childbirth skills and education with women, men and couples. From my many years of observing birth as a doula, I share my knowledge as an author, educator, writer and presenter to inspire YOU to TRUST in YOURSELF to create the birth you want and desire.

Wealth of Resources

Empowering expectant mothers begins with providing the right information. At A Labour of Love, you can find a wealth of information about a rewarding labouring experience. My books and CDs will guide you to having a whole new perspective on giving birth.

I provide a range of quality body products suitable for use in labour. The soothing essential massage oil for labour smells divine and will help you to stay relaxed and focused while nurture your body, mind, and spirit during labour.

My Aqua fitness classes are designed to keep you toned, fit, flexible and relaxed in preparation for your labour.

If you body is tired or sore you can come and experience a fabulous ‘belly in the hole’ massage laying on your front, while you listen to calming music, in a beautifully dimly lit room while being massaged with lavender essential oils.

A Heart Work

Every labour should be an act of love. With my help, you can have a rewarding, empowered and calm birthing experience.

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