A Positive Story FOR TODAY

pregnancy exercise

Maia woke just as the baby’s head was crowning. Maia came in to the lounge, entering a very still and quiet space. A couple more contractions and baby was born, very gently, in the warm water of the pool. Phil was a very proud father whilst he caught baby underwater. Our baby was a girl, born at 2:36pm.
I proceeded to breast feed my new baby girl.Of course, seeing me breastfed our new little baby made Maia very upset. We immediately called my mother who arrived within 10 minutes to pick up Maia. My mum later told me how amazed she was at the peaceful and loving energy in the room. There were no disturbances from various hospital noises and disruptions, or fluorescent lighting. There was just gentle, dim, natural lighting, quiet voices and the fresh smell of a perfect summer’s day, not too hot and not too cool. My mum took Maia home with her and Maia spent her first night away from us.
We rested and snuggled with our new baby girl whom we named (3 weeks later) Eve Summer. Our midwife helped clean up and left us for an afternoon nap. As the sun was getting close to setting, I was back in the kitchen chopping vegies, preparing our dinner.
I say now, that after experiencing the birth of my daughter, Eve Summer, even though I am not planning on having any more children, I would really love to experience a birth like that again. What a phenomenal day!