My Vision

To honour, support and assist you in creating empowered, loving, well educated, positive experiences through pre-conception, pregnancy, birthing, and parenting!

Gabrielle Targett
About A Labour of Love

A Labour of Love was born out of the desire ‘to be of service to pregnant women,’ supporting them in the best way I could mentally, physically and emotionally. My desire to do this work started by a ‘fortuitous’ meeting in Tokyo in 1993 with Michel Odent, a world leader in natural childbirth and waterbirth. It was here that a seed was planted in my consciousness which I immediately began to water, feed and grow into the tree that it is today – which is what the logo for A Labour of Love represents. The tree of life, love, growth, knowledge, wisdom, education, harmony, support and birth.

So the journey of creating my A Labour of Love business first began with offering Pregnancy exercises classes to get women physically prepared and strong for labour although at times the talking, sharing and education during the classes took over! Then came the request from the women to gather in a classroom (so I introduced the ‘RED Tent’ principle) sitting women in a circle -‘all equal and holding the space’ so they could learn, discuss, interact and share their stories and challenges and most importantly be heard and supported with no judgement.  Then came the need to be able to provide Hypnosis, to assist in eliminating the ‘epidemic of fear’ that has somehow infiltrated into many pregnant women’s minds, and has unfortunately become a dominating feature attached to labour and birth. Next came offering hands on physical tension relief and support through pregnancy and post birth massage, which has become integral to assist women to allow themselves to relax, surrender and really let go, and tune in to their body and the baby within leading up to their labour day/night or post birth. Then came the need to offer women natural induction massages to bring on their labour to beat the ‘medical’ induction being offer by the medical institutions. My techniques work beautifully to easy a woman into natural spontaneous labour being and to date my success rate has been fantastic!

This was how my business A Labour of Love was born, I training in and offered one modality after another as I saw there was a ‘HUGE’ need to offer pregnant women more and more services which then evolved into offering couples services. I am often referred to as the ‘One Stop Shop’ as women knew they could come to me for numerous modalities and have all their needs met with regard to preparing for labour mentally, physically and emotionally. So for 24 years now I have offered services of every kind to my pregnant clients and to couples. I feel just so blessed to be able to do what started out as my hobby and now earn an income still 23 years later. It is ‘truly heart centre’ work. I really LOVE what I do and LOVE meeting all of the beautiful pregnant women that come into my life and their husbands/partners to. Some day I think “I can’t really call this ‘work’. How lucky am I to be able to offer all of these services to others.

MY Vision statement and intent is to:

‘Provide my clients, participants and customers with the highest quality service in the areas of fitness, childbirth education, and specific practitioner services to cater to the whole ‘SPECTRUM’  of people within the community – from pre conception through to pregnancy, Mum’s with new bub’s, to couples and families. I want to be of services to you in the most loving, caring and professional way, so that you feel positive, empowered, well educated and want to come back. I want you to be impressed by what I can offer you so you recommend me to all of your friends and family.

The Acronym for SPECTRUM represents:-Service, Personal- Empowerment, Creativity, Trust, Respect, Understanding, Motivation

I feel so blessed and grateful every day, to be able to reach out and offer YOU my services through my A Labour of Love business. I truly feel that I am making a huge difference in pregnant women’s/couples lives life during this precious time of pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, mothering and parenthood. Thank you to all of MY clients, participants and customers who have given us the opportunity to assist you in your journey so far, and especially to those repeat clients who keep returning back to me pregnancy after pregnancy-baby after baby. I LOVE you and thank you for your support of what I do.

I wish all the pregnant women of the world a peaceful, calm and empowered birth, naturally!

Trust and believe in yourself and your body, to do the job it is designed to do.     Gabrielle xx

About Gabrielle Targett

Since 1994, I have listened to so many stories of disempowerment, unnecessary interventions, fearful and traumatic births.  I could see that a lot of pregnant women I came across were terrified about going into labour and I was dissatisfied with the lack of positive childbirth information and education. I created A Labour of Love to provide positive education and services so that women could regain their power to birth naturally without fear and be empowered through knowledge. I strongly feel I have been put on earth to assist women to ‘wake up’ and once again take back their power around birth and stand up for what they feel is right for their body and baby. I always remind my clients that they only get one opportunity to bring their baby into the world, so they may as well work towards doing it the way they really want to and feel good about the way it all went at the end of the ‘journey of labour’.

I have dedicated the last 24 years of my life to this brilliant ‘heart work’ which is truly a personal ‘labour of love’ that I feel passionate about. I feel blessed and grateful each and every day, to be able to reach out to my clients and make a difference in their life during this precious time of pregnancy, birth, mothering and parenthood. Thank you to all of my clients who have given me the opportunity to work with them on this wild and wonderful journey so far. I wish all the pregnant women of the world a peaceful, calm and empowered birth, naturally! The fundamental key is to ‘Trust’ and ‘Believe’ in yourself and your body, to do the job it is designed to do without a doubt.

My 20 year journey as an educator began when I finished her B.A. in Physical Education. I taught Secondary Physical and Health education for many years, followed by lecturing at TAFE in Health and Fitness for 7 years. I have always been driven to provide additional non-medical support and education to pregnant women after noticing women were being negatively influenced and educated about birth, becoming so fearful about experiencing labour and birth and being lead towards a fully medical approach even when it was unnecessary. The epidemic of fear around birth was huge and I could not sit back and not act to assist women to feel more positive and empowered around labour/birth.

I really was so fortunate 1995, 1997 and 1999 to experience the most divine and amazing natural water births which really motivated me to achieve many further qualifications in order to assist women mentally, physically and emotionally to feel good about their impending labour. Since that time I have educated and trained thousands of women and their support people through empowering and informative independent Childbirth Education workshops and have to date had the privilege of attending over 450 births as a Doula (professional birth support person). Besides having my three beautiful babies in the water at home one of my greatest achievement has been writing my childbirth education books A Labour of Love I & II, to inspire and empower women and their support partners in preparation for their labour journey together.

My versatility as an educator, author and Doula led to being  sought after for my expertise, in writing for the Australian Pregnancy and birth magazine since 2010. Currently I am focusing on  training other women to be Doulas, which is something I am so passionate about. For many years I have had many public speaking engagements about birth and feel so honored that I have had the opportunity to present at many birth related conferences throughout Australia.  As quoted by Dr Sarah Buckley “Gabrielle’s outstanding ability to speak publicly with honesty, humour and passion makes her a sought after presenter and a person who has much to offer both other professionals and the pregnant women she comes into contact with”.

I want to share with you that I am trained in Hypnobirthing® as a practitioner , but felt I wanted to be able to fully hypnotise my clients so went on to train further which resulted in having an advanced certification in hypnosis. For many years I have facilitated group, couples and one-on-one sessions to teach the skills of Hypnosis for use in labour. I have also produced two studio recorded CD’s which are available through this website or as an Mp3 download. Most of my hypnosis work involves one on one sessions with women wanting to debrief, clear past birth traumas and prepare for labour by reducing fear.  I find if women have severe past birth trauma a one-on-one hypnisi session is the most effective way of working and clearing the pat experience.

Lastly, I  to share with you again that my speciality is offering pregnancy specific massage, post birth massage and specializes in induction massage for women who are trying to get into labour naturally. I have a huge success rate in being able to move women into the right mindset so they go into spontaneous labour. This is particularly useful if you have time pressure on you to go into labour to beat the ‘traditional’ medical induction techniques by your care provider. I am trained and certified in a number various styles and techniques and offer a wonderful combination to all my clients resulting in a relaxing experience for both Mum and bub.
LOVE, blessing and peace to you at birth!