Gabrielle Targett – Doula Woman (Perth)

Natural Woman, Back to Basics or Birthing Basics

Written by Melenie Ambrose

With the World Health Organisation predicting that the caesarian birth rate could reach 40% by 2010, one Perth woman is on a mission to promote a non-medical approach to child birth which she says better empowers women and their partners. Read more

Why you should write a birth plan – or wants and needs list?

How can you afford not to write a birth plan or wants and needs list that explains to everyone present at your labour what it is you want and need from them during your labour.
As they say; If you fail to plan, you plan to fail I am not suggesting that birth is a pass or fail event it is not, however if you don’t have something down on paper it becomes a guessing game for your support people and care providers, as to what it is you really want to have happen, or what you want to use or try. Read more

Positive Affirmations for Labour

I am STRONG mentally and have only positive thoughts as I labour
On each and every contraction I BREATE in for the count of 4 through my nose and out for the count of 6 through my mouth
With each and every contraction I CLOSE MY EYES AND FOCUS WITHIN
I TRUST that my body is doing the job it is designed to do
I EMBRACE every contraction like a long lost friend that has an amazing job to do
I TRUST AND LISTEN TO MY BODY and what it needs and wants during labour
I FEEL EMPOWERED that my body is doing the job it is designed to do
With each and every contraction MY CERVIX OPENS LIKE A FLOWER in the morning sunlight
I AM CALM AND AT PEACE with myself and my baby within

I have these beautiful affirmations on laminated cards with a beautiful picture
If you would like to order a set please email me at Read more

Preparing YOUR support people for their role in YOUR Labour

Preparing your support people for their role

Firstly, of utmost importance is the need to ask yourself (as a woman about to give birth) for what reason you would like a particular person present at the birth of your baby. Secondly, make sure your support person/people are clear on what it is you are expecting from them. Read more

Get YOUR head ready for birth

Gabrielle Targett Q & A: Get your head ready for birth

1) Why is it so important for expectant mums to be mentally prepared for labour?

I believe birth is 90% mental and 10% physical and this is why women have to be mentally prepared. Read more