Going under Hypnosis and back into a Past Life is often underestimated for its potential to assist in healing in a fast, safe and effective way where instantly you can feel a shift in how you feel. It is like moving bag loads of stress and tension in one session!
I recently travelled to the USA to attend a Past Life regression training course with a leading expert in the field of Past Life Regression Dr Brian Weiss. It was the most amazing and life changing experience of my life!
Past Life regression can assist you in so many ways to make sense of your life, the way you are, the dramas you may be having with others, the phobias and fears you may be experiencing or make sense of the reoccurring events that are happening in your life. It can assist you immensely
with physical symptoms and recurring health problems and many other things, as I experienced firsthand as did the other attendees during this seven-day training course.
You don’t have to have had any problems health wise to partake in this type of session. You might just be a curious soul seeking to find out where you have lived and what you have been and done in your other life times that have led you to this life time. Trust me when I say you will be pleasantly surprised and both shocked about where you have lived and what you have been a part of. It is all very interesting.
You may want to know why it is that you have met someone and you swear that you know them, but you just know you have never met them before now. Or you may feel like you are overprotective with your children or certain family members but you’re not sure why. Or you feel you know your baby as soon as you birth them etc.
One of the most amazing things about going to a past life is that you will get to do a life review. This I feel is the most important part of participating in a Past Life Regression session. When you do a life review you get to see, feel and hear what that life was about and the lessons you learnt and how that life relates to this life.
This can be the most profound experience where you find everything starts to make sense to you and what you are going through now.
Past Life Regression under Hypnosis is also ideal for women who have had miscarriages, past birth trauma, still birth or conscious terminations. Many women have experienced some type of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, trauma or guilt associated with pregnancy, birth or post birth having a baby pass over.
This is an area I have focused on for many years and what I consider my area of expertise. Most commonly I have had women come to me who have had terrible birth trauma and through hypnosis I have assisted them to work through this experience resulting in my client healing and being able to conceive again and then go on to have the most amazing and empowered labour and birth journey.
I am also offering clairvoyant psychic counselling/readings for anyone who has the need to have some questions answered and or gain some direction and momentum forward especially if you are feeling stuck. I am finding many people are feeling stuck and are in a rut and they are just not sure in which direction to move in. Many people are also having their life turned upside down by events unforeseen by them, or caused by my client needing dramatic change but then they don’t know what comes next.
Many people are seeking to learn about all of this ‘New Age’ stuff because we are also experiencing an ‘Awakening’ on our planet at this very time, so many people are being pulled to find out who they really are and why they are here.

Gabrielle’s gift and exchange is:

Past Life Regression

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Hypnosis Only
for Birth Trauma Healing

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Clairvoyant/Psychic Counselling/

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Meditation and Clairvoyance with Gabrielle

Gabrielle offers one on one private sessions or small group guided meditation, followed by a review and sharing and offers clairvoyance and psychic information and angel card readings. It is a beautiful calm experience where you get to meet other like minded people and receive some guidance(in the small group sessions).