Private PT sessions for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy/Birth

in the comfort of your own home. (I bring all the equipment)

Gaby offers Private PT sessions for pregnant women wanting to:
maintain their fitness, core strength, flexibility and pelvic floor muscles
and prepare for labour physically. Emphasis is also made on assisting though exercises
to move YOUR baby into an Optimal Foetal position in preparation for labour.

For new Mums post pregnancy/birth Gaby offers private PT sessions to:
improve fitness, core strength, re-engage pelvic floor, repair Linea Alba (separation of rectus abdominal connective tissue),
improve abdominal strength and lose pregnancy weight gained.


One on One session in your home $100 (includes travel to your home and equipment)
Book 4 sessions (upfront payment required) $350
Book 10 sessions (upfront payment required) $800

Get a group of four or more friends together
And pay only $65 each for one session

These sessions are wonderful for women who just find it too difficult
with a new baby or toddler or both to leave the house to exercise and get your
body moving! Having Gaby come to YOUR home can and will motivate you
to exercise and feel great within yourself once again. I will make it FUN also!

Gabrielle Targett’ qualifications are:

  • B.A. in Physical education (secondary)
  • Registered Fitness Instructor with Fitness Australia since 1988
  • Pregnancy Aquatic/Fitball Specialist for 22 years (many training certificates)
  • Nominated for the Fitness leader of the Year Award in 1997
  • Cert IV Workplace Assessor qualification for Certifying Fitness Instructors
  • Curriculum writer for the Australian Cert III & IV Health & Fitness Modules
  • Current Apply First Aid Certification
  • Presenter at many Fitness Conferences around Australia in the Pregnancy & Post birth areas
  • Mum of 3 beautiful adult children!
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