1.5 hrs induction massage


1.5 hrs induction massage
During your pregnancy massage, you will feel like your laying on a cloud, so relaxed as you will be face down with your belly bump supported along with your body on the most amazingly comfortable pregnancy table,
with soft music playing, whilst scented oil is used (optional of course) and low lighting.
This is for the first hour to increase your Oxytocin and Endorphins.

Then I will place you into a reclined position with lots of pillows and proceed to gently nudge you into labour using Clary sage oil with a hot towel, pressure points specific to moving you into labour, hypnosis visualisation (very powerful) and homoeopathic remedies (optional). All of this can move you gently into menstrual cramping, affecting your cervix and moving into gentle contractions.

It is a beautiful session to connect you mentally physically and emotional to you and your imminent labour journey and help you to move into surrendering and letting go. It is the best preparation and reset you need.

Please contact Gabrielle on 0418-336-362 or alabouroflovecentre@gmail.com to book a date and time.