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This book presents information in an empowering and honest way written from the eclectic experiences of Gabrielle who has worked as a Doula and independent childbirth educator for 20 years. As a mother of three children, all naturally birthed in the water, Gabrielle has a wealth of experience and knowledge which she shares in this unique book.

The information is beautifully intertwined with stories from the heart, and includes information and quotes from other prominent childbirth educators: Ina May Gaskin, Spiritual Midwifery and Dr Grantly Dick-Read, Childbirth Without Fear.

Gabrielle presents a non-medical approach to childbirth that emphasises empowering and asserting confidence in women and their support partners. Every chapter has something to offer to assist in acknowledging what is necessary when preparing for a natural birth. It also de-mystifies and questions the fear surrounding birth today and covers so many important labour and birth issues that are often overlooked.

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Number 1 Pregnancy Book

"A Labour of Love is one of my favourite pregnancy books which I believe should be in every womans pregnancy essentials kit.
Gaby uses easy to understand terms so that every woman can understand what she is talking about and not have to look up each word.
It is full to the brim with well written information and beautiful positive birth stories told with excitement and passion.
Gaby writes with such passion, you can't put the book down and I feel myself becoming more empowered and positive with each new page.
This book has helped inspire me to become a better doula and put myself out there further."

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