Childbirth Education Program x5 MP3 (1xPDF)


MP3 – 1 : Creating the birth you want and desire

  • Introduction to the program
  • What I believe to be true
  • What is ‘the techno medical model’ of birth and ‘the natural/normal approach to birth’?
  • How do you ‘Surrender, trust in your body and stay positive and focused on your labour ahead?
  • Affirmations – how to use them effectively
  • Ask yourself ‘What type of labour do I wish to have?’

MP3 – 2 : Planning for your labour and birth

  • What are your beliefs about birth?
  • Focus on what you really want to create
  • The ‘Self-fullfilling Prophecy’ – how you can sabotage your own labour
  • The ‘Law of Attraction’
  • Using ‘Imagineering’ to create the labour journey you want
  • Labour and birth planning, why you can’t afford not to plan
  • Defining what your ‘Ten Top’ birth wants and needs are
  • Positions suitable for the stages of labour

MP3 – 3 : Everything you should know abour labour

  • How your uterus contracts and works
  • Laws of the sphincters of your body
  • The hormones associated with labour and how they affect you
  • Organising your labour bag
  • What foods give you the right amount of energy for labour

MP3 – 4 : Preparing your partner and support people for labour

  • Do’s and Dont’s of being a support person
  • Questions your support people can ask your care providers
  • Changing your labour room to meet your needs
  • Staying Passively Active
  • Your natural pain relief options
  • Why water is the No.1 pain relief option
  • The benefits of having a natural birth
  • The Cascade of Intervention – how to avoid it!
  • The drugs available to use in labour and how they effect you

MP3 – 5 : Preparing your body and baby physically for labour

  • What ‘Optimal Foetal Positioning’ (OFP) is and how it makes a labour of difference
  • How to do daily ‘Belly time’ and ‘Ball time’ to assist your baby into OFP
  • Anterior vs Posterior baby positions – how they effect your labour
  • How to prepare your perinieum for stretching
  • How to surrender, remain calm and positive in your lead up to labour
  • How to breathe during contractions
  • A ‘Mantra for Birth’

1 review for Childbirth Education Program x5 MP3 (1xPDF)

  1. I purchased a number of products from the Labour of Love website when I was pregnant with my first child in 2015. I found all of the resources I purchased to be of huge benefit in preparing for my positive labour and birth experience. Of greatest value was the childbirth education program on MP3 and PDF. Being from the country and unable to attend the childbirth education workshop in person, this was the next best thing. It was perfect for me, as like a lot of country people I spend a lot of time driving so the MP3 was perfect to listen to in the car and allowed me to share information with my support people. I think this resource is amazing and have again revisited it while pregnant with my second child and found it equally as useful. I’m so grateful that I came across this fabulous resource, thank you Gabrielle.


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