Hypnosis for Birth

Hypnosis for Birth-Labour preparation



Cost: $110 per hour

Hypnosis for birth will teach you how to remain completely calm and at peace, yet empowered during your labour, regardless of where you are birthing.
It also assists you in understanding the importance of how to ‘surrender’ to the ‘intensity’ of the contractions, which in turn will assist you to trust in your body’s ability to labour and give birth – naturally!

‘During my many years of working with women I have found the use of hypnosis in preparation for labour to be the most successful way my pregnant clients can learn how to breathe, surrender and let go mentally and physically in preparation for labour’.

As a result of learning hypnosis for birth you will feel:

  • mentally strong and empowered about your imminent labour experience
  • confident about going into labour
  • excited about your labour journey and meeting your beautiful baby
  • completely calm and at peace with yourself in the lead up to your childbirth
  • fearless about the ‘pain’ as you will learn skills in how to surrender completely to the ‘intensity’
  • that you can trust your body and its ability because you will be reminded that you have everything you need physically, to give birth

As a Hypnobirthing® and certified Advanced Hypnosis practitioner,

I am qualified hypnotise you which can speed up the process and as a result you will experience:

  • faster and better results with shifting beliefs and fears you have about labour
  • release effortlessly any ‘tension, stress and worries’ you have about labour
  • a belief in yourself and your ability to cope with the ‘pain’ associated with labouring
  • being able to clear any past labour/birth trauma that you have not let go of
  • a visualisation of your labour clearly, to assist you to feel empowered, calm and clear in your mind about your imminent labour journey

Birth Trauma Specialist

For many years now I have specialised in Birth Trauma, which entails a formal debriefing, looking at that experience and how and why it happened, examining it and then clearing it out of your mind and replacing that story with a new positive version. This is particularly useful if you are pregnant again and want a beautiful labour journey this next time around. I have had astounding results with this over the last 20 years.

Many clients come to see me because they have a huge amount of ‘FEAR’ around not being able to cope with the intensity (PAIN) of labour and want to learn skills to cope. Or they are fearing pushing the baby out, which can be due to a lack of ‘TRUST’ in yourself. These are the topics/issues I can assist you with 100% if you feel you need this extra support with your mental preparation for labour.

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Hypnosis for Birth

Download – CD 1
Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Birth (MP3)

Hypnosis for Birth

Download – CD 2
Hypnosis for Labour and Affirmations (MP3)

Hypnosis for Birth

CD 1
Hypnosis for Pregnancy and Birth (MP3)

Hypnosis for Birth

CD 2
Hypnosis for Labour and Affirmations (MP3)