An excellent pre-labour source – a must read

Jenna Luck

An excellent pre-labour source – a must read

I had read a multitude of books to help me get into a good head space for my second birth – and this was by far my favourite! My first birth had been traumatic for me so I was determined to have a positive experience the second time round! I listened to Gaby’s hypno-audio most night’s (also the American hypno-birthing one’s but preferred Targett’s) and then I read her book. I’d gotten used to Gabrielle’s voice on the audio – it was as though she was my friend! So when I learned she had a book I was excited! And it didn’t dissapoint.

I recommend this book to everyone. Its accessible, easy to digest, entertaining, informative and soooo empowering. A friend who read it said she hates reading, but couldn’t put this book down!

I had a bloody awesome second birth – and seriously – this book and the audio definitely was a mjor contributor to that. I was confident, I knew what was happening every step of the way, I was never ever fearful – it was so empowering, and so different to the first time. And as it happened, no drugs. Unlike the first time (seriously, if drugs were the key to having a great birth, I’d take them – unfortunately, like most things inlife, they’re not – they take your power away.)

So if you’re considering reading this book – get it! And the audio – and you’ll be well on your way to a great, empowering birth!

Easy readin, informative, grounded in research, entertaining, Australian, author also has hypno audio available.
Nothing other than can be difficult to find in library’s etc.