Why you should write a birth plan – or wants and needs list?

How can you afford not to write a birth plan or wants and needs list that explains to everyone present at your labour what it is you want and need from them during your labour.
As they say; If you fail to plan, you plan to fail I am not suggesting that birth is a pass or fail event it is not, however if you don’t have something down on paper it becomes a guessing game for your support people and care providers, as to what it is you really want to have happen, or what you want to use or try. Like, active labour positions or the shower etc. Rather than have this guessing game happen, why not put down what you would really like to have happen. Don’t be afraid to be brave and really imagine yourself in labour around your labour room at your place of birth. It is a matter of TRUSTING in you and your body to then get on with the job of labouring while all you support people and care providers assist you mentally, physically and emotionally with your list of things you would like during labour.

Remember a birth plan should be written in the positive tense, focusing on your birth wants and needs and not your don’t wants. Your don’t wants will take care of themselves so don’t write I don’t want this I don’t want that. Better to write I want to>>>>>>>>>>. By focusing on only what you want to have happen you are attracting these things to happen in a positive and confident way.
Lastly, remember:- a birth plan is just your guide and the guide for your support people and care providers to be on the same page as you and it is not a contract. Should something arise in which you need medical intervention then ‘so be it’ you have to go with the flow and congratulate yourself for creating a plan in the first place. Writing up a birth plan or wants and needs list is energy and time well spent in preparing for one of the most amazing and special events in your life.
I Wish YOU the amazing LABOUR filled with LOVE, you deserve that.
I have a template of a Birth plan available on my website under Extra’s/Free downloads/Empowered Birth plan